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In collaboration with the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

In the context of the production and installation of materials for naval use, a significant problem for manufacturers and installers is to guarantee the customer the quality and resistance of the product over time.


The environmental stresses to which a material for nautical use is subjected are particularly heavy, especially when they concern installations on decks exposed to both atmospheric agents and mechanical stresses.


The main objective of the NAUMATEST project was to develop a new machine for testing these materials that can guarantee the following requirements:

  • Ability to accelerate the tests: carry out tests of short duration, in the order of days, but which simulate and indicate the behavior of the material during its entire life, which can last for years.

  • Ability to combine tests of a very different nature: salt spray, UV exposure, thermal cycling, wear due to abrasion, shock, vibration, etc.

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Given the high design and manufacturing complexity, the machine has no analogues on the market. In fact, through a single device it will be possible to test the materials for ship fitting, taking into account the sum of the unfavorable environmental conditions found in tropical areas, and the wear and tear due to their intense use.

The collaboration between Sultan and "La Sapienza", consolidated during the preliminary phase and the realization of the project, is currently underway and has led Sultan to be included in the ministerial project Cluster Italy 2020 on Marine Mobility "TRIM Technology and Industrial Research for Mobility Marina ”in partnership with“ La Sapienza ”and Fincantieri and as the only small-medium enterprise in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Furthermore, thanks to this project, Sultan was awarded the regional contribution for the construction of equipment designed to carry out tests on the materials applied / used.


Sultan initiated the procedures for the implementation of the project.

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