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Cantiere navale

A shipyard is a complex industrial environment and requires precision for the production and assembly of the different components.



A ship has value, if its value lasts beyond time, if it is able to challenge the fashions of the moment, if its lines are capable of defying the seasons.



The construction of a ship requires production efficiency, advanced technology, the ability to produce innovation for each element that composes it.



In Sultan, the skills, materials, components and skills of people respond to a single guiding criterion: quality



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Nautical and naval supplies

From design, with on-site inspections by our specialized technicians, to construction, installation, assembly and application.

We have an agile and lean structure characterized by skills able to manage and follow the customer in all his needs: pre-sales, research and development,design and technical office to find the most suitable solution both from the point of view of productivity and budget optimization.

Fianco cruise

Laser Scanner Rental With Operator

FARO Focus Laser Scanner - S150


Laser Scanner instrumentation rental service with the presence of one of our specialized operators to carry out the surveys.


The 3D scanning service for third parties allows to have accurate and fast results with a considerable saving of time and costs.


management of the entire three-dimensional point cloud from which it is possible to extrapolate any information on the survey carried out


restitution in CAD format of plans, elevations and sections,

with different degree of detail decided in accordance with the

customer needs.

CAD2D Laser Scanner
CAD3D Laser Scanner
Dip Print System Refresh

Dip Print System Refresh

Sultan exclusive and patented product.

Regeneration of surfaces treated with decorative water-based printing transfer system, conceived and designed by the research and development department of Sultan

The result of the operation is a regenerated surface, with greater resistance to wear over time. The same product can be used for the maintenance of surfaces damaged by scratches and bumps.


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